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Название: Global design as the integral person formation strategy
Автор: Stepanov, A. V.
Fedorov, V. A.
Vorobyeva, J. A.
Marakulina, U. E.
Ovchinnikov, V. I.
Федоров, В. А.
Дата публикации: 2016
Издатель: IJESE
Аннотация: The relevance of the problem under study is based on the society's need for educating an integral person who is able to solve ecumenical project tasks. Currently this problem (as natural order from the society) is emerging in the educational system and social practices but has yet to obtain substantial scientific and theoretical justification. The purpose of the article is to initiate the theoretical-practical aspect of the educational activity towards educating a designer who is thinking and acting integrally at the early stages of professional development. The lead method for studying this problem is historical monitoring of a person’s project practice which provides the possibility to examine project processes within the context of their holistic dimension and to configure the hypothesis on the necessity of changes in the educational system. The article presents the prognostic idea, which is supported by the historical facts, that it would be necessary and effective for the educational system to depart from the practice of niche specialization in training of designers at the early stages of their professional development; it also contains the conceptual definition of and the proposal for a model of educating an universal (integral) designer within the instrumental (tool) framework of animation, computer, object and other modeling technologies which provides a practical effect for the educational system (of general, pre-vocational and vocational education). The article can be useful for innovation-thinking sponsor of educational processes, theoreticians of design and pedagogy, practitioners of design, teachers of design at higher, secondary and general educational institutions, as well as for philosophers, cultural studies scholars, sociologists, psychologists and other researchers. © 2016 Stepanov et al.
ISSN: 1306-3065
SCOPUS: https://www.scopus.com/record/display.uri?eid=2-s2.0-84994175703&origin=resultslist
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