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Title: Psychological predictors of human hardiness formation
Authors: Zeer, E. F.
Yugova, E. A.
Karpova, N. P.
Trubetskaya, O. V.
Зеер, Э. Ф.
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: IJESE
Abstract: The relevance of the researched problem is conditioned by the growing social and psychological tension in the ever-changing post-industrial society and psychoemotional disorders affecting the human lifespan, developing on this background. The goal of the article is to disclose and analyse psychological predictors of hardiness formation, stipulating self-preservation and longevity of human. Identification of personal and reactive anxiety of young people, as well as assessment of their adaptive capacity are the leading methods in the study of this problem, allowing for complex consideration of the factors influencing the hardiness formation. The article discloses and justifies psychological indicators, serving as predictors of contemporary human hardiness, needed to overcome the difficulties of life arising in the course of personality ontogenesis. Article data may be useful for psychologists, psycho-physiologists, teachers and other professionals concerned with support and assistance to people experiencing problems in difficult situations. © 2016 Zeer et al.
ISSN: 1306-3065
SCOPUS: 2-s2.0-84988565747
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