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Title: Vocational pedagogical competencies of a professor in the secondary vocational education system: Approbation of monitoring model
Authors: Andryukhina, L. M.
Dneprov, S. A.
Sumina, T. G.
Zimina, E. Y.
Utkina, S. N.
Mantulenko, V. V.
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: IJESE
Abstract: The relevance of the researched issue is preconditioned by the strategic changes in the secondary vocational education system taking place not only in Russia, but also in majority of industrially developed countries. Provision of the system with qualified pedagogical staff is the leading strategic objective of development of the secondary vocational educational system. Its solution must be based on the justified monitoring system, which objectively represents the condition as well as quantitative and qualitative changes taking place in the educational sphere. The article is aimed at approbating the model of monitoring of vocational pedagogical competences of professors in secondary vocational education. Integration of the competence, functional and general pedagogical analysis became the leading approach to research into this problem, which has enabled substantiating the model of monitoring of vocational pedagogical competences of professors in the secondary vocational education system. The competence model of a professor of secondary vocational education has been developed and substantiated as a monitoring basis. Results of model approbation and monitoring tools have been presented. The article may be useful to improve the quality of the human resource potential in the secondary vocational education system in Russia, to define current and long-range objectives of its development. © 2016 Andryukhina et al.
ISSN: 1306-3065
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