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Title: Specific features of entrepreneurial departments management in Russian companies
Authors: Troshina, E. P.
Mantulenko, V. V.
Shaposhnikov, V. A.
Anopchenko, T. Y.
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: IJESE
Abstract: The topic is considered to be relevant due to the fact that entrepreneurship is necessary for the businesses survival and development worldwide, including Russia, and today some Russian companies are adapting their economies to the more developed economic standards. The entrepreneurial format adoption is an important stage of development for possible changes and growth in the future. The aim of this research work is to analyze some approaches to the phenomenon of entrepreneurship, to determine some specific features of entrepreneurial departments, including in the context of the Russian business space, and to study specific characteristics of these departments management in Russian companies. The main methods used in the study are the theoretical materials analysis, as well as the analysis of statistical data in the study area, the method of expert judgments, the survey method. The research work included the study of Russian entrepreneurship experience, specific features of entrepreneurial departments. The specific features of the Russian entrepreneurship were identified during the own diagnostic research, as well as some entrepreneurial difficulties caused by the entrepreneurship. Identified due to this research peculiarities of Russian entrepreneurship and difficulties of this phenomenon development in the Russian business space will allow to develop the Russian entrepreneurial business model based on its specific characteristics. On the basis of the obtained data a special mechanism can be created for the support and development of intra-entrepreneurship departments within the overall entrepreneurship management mechanism in Russian companies, where the full range of necessary organizational and economic conditions, as well as the possibilities for entrepreneurial results assessment will be presented, combined with a complete list of tools to facilitate the emergence and development of intrarepreneurship in companies. © 2016 Troshina et al.
ISSN: 1306-3065
SCOPUS: 2-s2.0-84987730573
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