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Title: Approaches to monitoring of competences and qualifications
Authors: Simonova, M. V.
Ilyukhina, L. A.
Romantsev, G. M.
Zeer, E. F.
Khamatnurov, F. T.
Зеер, Э. Ф.
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Gokkusagi LTD. STI.
Abstract: The relevance of the analyzed issue is caused by the need to assess the state of competences and qualifications in the labor market in the region. The purpose of the article is the substantiation of approaches to the integrated monitoring training status, conditions of formation and use of labor, the results of which will complement the statistics. The leading approach to the study of this issue is the development of a new monitoring methodology to identify the qualitative characteristics of the labor force in the quantitative parameters. Results: the authors have developed conceptual approaches and structural elements of quality monitoring of labor at regional level. The identified shortcomings of existing competences and qualifications of monitoring techniques necessitated the search for other approaches to the assessment of the real state of the qualitative characteristics of the labor force in the labor market, as collected data can significantly affect the results of the personnel forecast and formation of labor potential management strategies. The study was proposed to focus on improving the quality of personnel management departments of large and medium-sized organizations in the region to solve the problem of the interaction between the education system and employers. The data of the article may be useful for research organizations and regional governance structures in the development of medium- and long-term development programs of labor potential. © 2016 Simonova et al.
ISSN: 1306-3030
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