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Title: Green energy revolution perspectives in modern Russian economy
Authors: Kapitonov, I. A.
Shulus, A. A.
Simonova, M. V.
Sviredenko, D. A.
Shreyner, R. T.
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: International Economic Society
Abstract: The relevance of the analyzed issue is due to the increasing importance of the green economy in the world and in Russia in particular. Priorities of the development of the world energy are in the development of alternative sources of energy to improve energy efficiency. The purpose of the article is to analyze the development of renewable energy sources (RES) in Russia and to assess the potential for using renewable energy of regions in Russia. The leading approach to the study of this issue is the study of renewable energy data and public policy in Russia to stimulate innovative methods. The article analyzes the level of effectiveness of the implemented projects in the Russian Federation in Arkhangelsk and Irkutsk regions. The authors select the most interesting and unique projects in the city of Anapa, Yailyu, in Kamchatka and in the Republic of Crimea. The data of the article may be useful for research on the analysis and comparison of the world's renewable energy development trends. © International Economic Society.
ISSN: 13071637
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