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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Relaxation in ZnSe: Cr2+ investigated with longitudinal ultrasonic wavesGudkov, V. V.; Lonchakov, A. T.; Sokolov, V. I.; Zhevstovskikh, I. V.; Гудков, В. В.
2005PWM control of direct frequency converter in AC electric drive systemShreiner, R. T.; Krivovyaz, V. K.; Kalygin, A. I.
2009Ferromagnetic composite EuO:Fe for the semiconductor spintronics: The mechanisms of high magnetizationBorukhovich, A. S.; Ignateva, N. I.; Galyas, A. I.; Stognii, A. I.; Anushkevich, K. I. Y.
2006Gas and RRR distribution in high purity niobium EB welded in ultra-high vacuum.Anakhov, S.; Singer, X.; Singer, W.; Wen, H
2002Effect of pressure differential on mold pouring in controlled pressure castingChurkin, A. B.; Churkin, B. S.; Gofman, E. B.; Kategorenko, Yu. I.
2006Doppler-shifted cyclotron, doppleron-phonon, and pseudo-doppleron-phonon resonances in indiumGudkov, V. V.; Гудков, В. В.
2006Gas and RRR distribution in high purity Niobium EB welded in ultra-high vacuumAnakhov, S.; Singer, X.; Singer, W.; Wen, H.
2007A new-generation energy-saving industrial controlled electric driveShreiner, R. T.; Krivovyaz, V. K.; Kalygin, A. I.; Shilin, S. I.
2007Design of circular transportation systems for billet and rolled stripPolyakov, B. N.
2004Low temperature phase transition in ZnSe doped with nickelSokolov, V. I.; Dubinin, S. F.; Teploukhov, S. G.; Parkhomenko, V. D.; Lonchakov, A. T.; Gudkov, V. V.; Tkach, A. V.; Zhevstovskikh, I. V.; Gruzdev, N. B.