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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Low temperature ultrasonic investigation of ZnSe crystals doped with NiGudkov, V.; Lonchakov, A.; Sokolov, V.; Zhevstovskikh, I.; Gruzdev, N.
2005Penetration of electromagnetic fields through multilayered and cluster-layered Fe/Cr nanostructuresUstinov, V. V.; Rinkevich, A. B.; Romashev, L. N.; Milyaev, M. A.; Burkhanov, A. M.; Sidun, N. N.; Kuznetsov, E. A.
2005PWM control of direct frequency converter in AC electric drive systemShreiner, R. T.; Krivovyaz, V. K.; Kalygin, A. I.
2004Multiple doppleron-phonon resonances in indiumGudkov, V. V.
2004Stress - Strain state of metal in the cyclic-deformation source when producing steel sheet in a continuous-casting and deformation unitLekhov, O. S.; Baranov, M. V.; Minakov, V. S.
2009SHAITANSKOYE OZERO II: NEW ASPECTS OF THE URALIAN BRONZE AGESerikov, Y. B.; Korochkova, O. N.; Kuzminykh, S. V.; Stefanov, V. I.
2005Specific features of the absorption and phase velocity of ultrasound near the low-temperature phase transition induced by 3d impurities in a ZnSe crystalGudkov, V. V.; Lonchakov, A. T.; Sokolov, V. I.; Zhevstovskikh, I. V.; Gruzdev, N. B.; Гудков, В. В.
2005Ferromagnetic composite material for spintronicsBorukhovich, A. S.; Ignat'Eva, N. I.; Bamburov, V. G.
2003Coordinate PWM control strategy of the two-stage direct frequency converterShreiner, R. T.; Krivovyaz, V. K.; Kalygin, A. I.
2009Ferromagnetic composite EuO:Fe for the semiconductor spintronics: The mechanisms of high magnetizationBorukhovich, A. S.; Ignateva, N. I.; Galyas, A. I.; Stognii, A. I.; Anushkevich, K. I. Y.