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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Place of manufacture diversification in cyclical development of the enterpriseErofeev, A. G.; Smolin, G. K.
2015Multistage system of vocational pedagogical educationDorozhkin, E. M.; Kopnov, V. A.; Romantsev, G. M.; Дорожкин, Е. М.; Романцев, Г. М.
2016Thermal diffusivity of Y–Ho system solid solutions at high temperaturesIvliev, A. D.; Kurichenko, A. A.; Vekshin, I. M.
2016Educational game systems in artificial intelligence courseChubarkova, E. V.; Sadchikov, I. A.; Suslova, I. A.; Tsaregorodtsev, A. A.; Milova, L. N.
2016Research of academic motivation at the stage of forming a threshold level of mastering competencesEremicheva, O. Y.; Yudin, V. V.; Sheptukhina, I. I.; Zyryanova, N. I.; Shevchenko, V. Y.; Komarova, Y. G.; Simonova, M. V.
2016Experience of modeling skill of memorizing short stories as a part of the development of neuro-linguistic programming techniquesDudina, M. M.; Khamatnurov, F. T.; Trubetskaya, O. V.
2016Nash equilibrium design in the interaction model of entities in the customs service systemFedorenko, R. V.; Zaychikova, N. A.; Abramov, D. V.; Vlasova, O. I.
2016Managing change in the holding company as a factor in solving strategic problems of the RegionKrivtsov, A. I.; Polinova, L. V.; Chupina, I. P.; Чупина, В. А.
2016“Financial bubbles” and monetary policyTikhonov, Y. A.; Pudovkina, O. E.; Permjakova, J. V.
2015Main points of rating for professional educational organizationsErganova, N. E.; Kolyasnikova, L. V.