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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Interpretation of the temperature dependence of the composition distribution in nanostructured alloys under severe plastic deformationGapontsev, V. L.; Deryagin, A. I.; Gapontseva, T. M.; Гапонцев, В. Л.
2015Conceptual metaphor in educational discourseBudaev, E. V.; Chudinov, A. P.; Trubina, G. F.
2011Specific features of charge carrier scattering mechanisms in Co-Cr alloys at high temperaturesIvliyev, A. D.; Glagoleva, Y. V.
2015Social and normative meanings in lexis of semantic and motivational field “labour”Leontyeva, T.
2016Creative practices in developing intercultural communicative competenceAndryukhina, L. M.; Fadeyeva, N. Yu.
2016Environmental risk to health of the populationAnopchenko, T. Y.; Murzin, A. D.; Kandrashina, E. A.; Kosyakova, I. V.; Surnina, O. E.
2016A model for the education of a student of a vocational pedagogical educational institution through the gaming simulationFominykh, M. V.; Uskova, B. A.; Mantulenko, V. V.; Kuzmina, O. N.; Shuravina, E. N.
2016The economic efficiency of european football clubs - Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) approachPyatunin, A. V.; Vishnyakova, A. B.; Sherstneva, N. L.; Mironova, S. P.; Dneprov, S. A.; Grabozdin, Y. P.
2016Using the results of ethnolinguistic studies in teaching the Russian language as a foreign language (by the material of education lexis in Russian and Tajik languages)Leontyeva, T. V.; Dorozhkin, E. M.; Shchetinina, A. V.; Tabarov, K. N.; Дорожкин, Е. М.