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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The figurative basis of Russian dialectal words and expressions with the meaning of negative assessment of social changesLeontyeva, T.
2018Experimental verification of efficacy of educational test construction technologySenognoeva, N. A.
2010The Holy Spirit as life and energy. The treatment of Athanasius' Ad Serapionem I, 20-21 in the late thirteenth century and its implications for the hesychast controversyMakarov, D.
2013Microwave penetration and magnetic state of cobalt-containing magnetophotonic crystalsRinkevich, A. B.; Perov, D. V.; Samoylovich, M. I.; Klescheva, S. M.; Kuznetsov, E. A.
2017Bolshoi Salym 4 - A new mesolithic Site in the North of Western Siberia (the first results of the study)Konovalenko, M. V.; Balueva, Ju. V.; Serikov, Yu. B.
2015Quality management of educational institutions in protecting students' health: Conceptual and structural-functional innovationsFedorov, V. A.; Tretyakova, N. V.
2010Microwave resistance of metal-dielectric film nanocomposites Co X(SiO2)1-XRinkevich, A. B.; Perov, D. V.; Vaskovsky, V. O.; Gorkovenko, A. N.; Kuznetsov, E. A.
2019Pension practices of russian younger generationVlasova, O.; Chebykina, I.; Kuimov, V.
2016The analysis of institutional environment for development of a public-private partnership in the sphere of environmental protection in the Samara regionSaldaeva, M. N.; Kudryashov, A. V.; Magomadova, T. L.; Sikorskaya, G. P.; Evtodieva, T. E.; Charaeva, M. V.
2018Trends in and principles of training vocational teachersZyrianova, N. I.; Dorozhkin, E. M.; Zaitseva, Y. V.; Korotayer, I. S.; Shcherbin, M. D.