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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A new-generation energy-saving industrial controlled electric driveShreiner, R. T.; Krivovyaz, V. K.; Kalygin, A. I.; Shilin, S. I.
2007Design of circular transportation systems for billet and rolled stripPolyakov, B. N.
2007Magnetic resonance in Ni-Zn-Fe spinel doped opal matrixRinkevich, A. B.; Ustinov, V. V.; Samoilovich, M. I.; Klesheva, S. M.; Kuznetsov, E. A.
2007Electromagnetic properties of nickel-zinc and manganese-zinc ferrite doped opal matrices in millimeter wavebandRinkevich, A. B.; Ustinov, V. V.; Samoylovich, M. I.; Klesheva, S. M.; Kuznetsov, E. A.
2007High-temperature hot-pressing of titanium carbide-graphite hetero-modulus ceramicsShabalin, I. L.; Tomkinson, D. M.; Shabalin, L. I.
2007Novel generation of energy saving industrial AC electric drive based on TSDFC with PWMShreiner, R. T.; Krivovyaz, V. K.; Kalygin, A. I.
2007Rectangular waveguide with metallic nanostructure driven by magnetic fieldRinkevich, A. B.; Romashev, L. N.; Ustinov, V. V.; Kuznetsov, E. A.
2007Electromagnetic waves penetration and magnetic properties of AgPt/Co nanostructuresRinkevich, A.; Romashev, L.; Milyaev, M.; Kuztetsov, E.; Angelakeris, M.; Poulopoulos, P.
2007Nonequilibrium vacancy-stimulated diffusion (induced diffusion) as the main mechanism of activated alloy formationGapontsev, V. L.; Koloskov, V. M.
2007Nanoscale distortions of the lattice of a ZnSe crystal doped with 3d elementsDubinin, S. F.; Sokolov, V. I.; Teploukhov, S. G.; Parkhomenko, V. D.; Gudkov, V. V.; Lonchakov, A. T.; Zhevstovskikh, I. V.; Gruzdev, N. B.