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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Experimental modeling of large diameter holes based on materials of Bronze Age stone axesSerikov, Yuri, B.; Grekhov, Sergey, V.
2020Manufacturing holes with hollow bone according to the experimentsSerikov, Y. B.; Grekhov, S. V.; Kanauka, N. V.
2021Anisotropy of Magnetic Properties and the Permittivity of Nd1.9Ce0.1CuO4 + ? Single CrystalKlepikova, A. S.; Charikova, T. B.; Popov, M. R.; Rinkevich, A. B.; Perov, D. V.; Kuznetsov, E. A.
2020Microwave Refractive Index in CoFe/Cu Superlattices with a Giant Magnetoresistive EffectRinkevich, A. B.; Kuznetsov, E. A.; Perov, D. V.; Milyaev, M. A.; Naumova, L. I.
2020Modeling of changes in heat resistance of nickel-based alloys using bayesian artificial neural networksAnoshina, O. V.; Trubnikova, A. S.; Milder, O. B.; Tarasov, D. A.; Ganeev, A. A.; Tyagunov, A. G.
2021National and regional component of physical education curricula for schoolchildren in Kazakhstan and RussiaBotagariyev, T.; Kolokoltsev, M.; Romanova, E.; Tissen, P.; Ustselemova, N.; Tonoyan, K.; Bayankin, O.; Kubiyeva, S.; Mambetov, N.; Stepanova, L.; Tretyakova, N.
2021Effectiveness of the Plasma Neutralization Technology for SupertoxicantsAnakhov, S. V.; Matushkin, A. V.; Pyckin, Y. A.
2021Thermodynamic aspects of dioxin precursors neutralization by plasma methodsMatushkin, A.; Kharina, G.; Anakhov, S.
2021The quality of scots pine pollen (Pinus sylvestris L.) in the emission area of JSC «karabashmed»Makhniova, S. G.; Mohnachev, P. E.
2021Design of a new gas-dynamic stabilization system for a metal-cutting plasma torchMatushkina, I. Yu.; Anakhov, S. V.; Pyckin, Yu. A.