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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Проблемы совершенствования организации и деятельности избирательных комиссийСажина, В. О.
2020Официальный сайт образовательной организации как объект информационной политики в системе образованияШамурина, Ю. П.
2020Effect of the gas-vortex stabilization method on the plasma cutting qualityMatushkina, I. Y.; Anakhov, S. V.; Pyckin, Y. A.
2020Technological support of joint cluster activities in terms of development of student health cultureFedorov, V. A.; Chedov, K. V.
2020Trans-professionalism as a predictor of adaptation of a person to digital professional futureZeer, E.; Zinnatova, M.; Tretyakova, V.; Bukovey, T.
2020Immersion in education: State and prospectsFedorov, V.; Stepanova, T.; Stepanov, A.; Dorozhkin, Y.; Tretyakov, A. D.
2021Gaining Competence for Intercultural Communication of Students and Pedagogical Conditions for Its RealisationEvtyugina, A. A.; Sturikova, M. V.; Shokhov, K. O.; Kondyurina, I. M.; Albrekht, N. V.
2021Psychological support to excel coordination skills of agricultural university studentsPozdeeva, E. A.; Vlasova, O. P.; Akhapkin, V. N.; Korichko, Y. V.
2021Experimental data on jade drilling by hollow bone and copper tubeSerikov, Y. B.; Grekhov, S. V.
2020Study of the processes of high temperature material heating for plasma recyclingMatushkin, A. V.; Anakhov, S. V.; Pyckin, Y. A.