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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Forming artistic-design competency of vocational design teacherFalco, V. P.; Fedorov, V. A.; Dorozhkin, E. M.; Merkushova, N. I.; Bakanach, O. V.; Федоров, В. А.; Дорожкин, Е. М.
2016Resource and information maintenance of foreign citizens in Russia: Statement of a problemDorozhkin, E. M.; Leontyeva, T. V.; Shchetynina, A. V.; Krivtsov, A. I.; Дорожкин, Е. М.
2016The experience of positioning the university at the educational services marketDorozhkin, E. M.; Akimova, O. B.; Lazarev, A. V.; Spylaev, D. O.; Kornilov, A. S.; Акимова, О. Б.; Дорожкин, Е. М.
2016Teacher’s labour as a tool of forming human capital of higher school graduatesDorozhkin, E. M.; Leontyeva, T. V.; Scherbina, Y. Y.; Shchetynina, A. V.; Pecherskaya, E. P.; Дорожкин, Е. М.
2016Organizational and economic directions of competitive recovery of Russian pharmaceutical enterprisesAshmarina, S. I.; Streltsov, A. V.; Dorozhkin, E. M.; Vochozka, M.; Izmailov, A. M.; Дорожкин, Е. М.
2016Management of teacher scientific-methodical work in vocational educational institutions on the basis of project-target approachShakuto, E. A.; Dorozhkin, E. M.; Kozlova, A. A.; Дорожкин, Е. М.
2016Impact of student government bodies on students’ professional developmentDorozhkin, E. M.; Zaitseva, E. V.; Tatarskikh, B. Y.; Дорожкин, Е. М.
2016Research and educational network: Development managementDavydova, N. N.; Dorozhkin, E. M.; Fedorov, V. A.; Konovalova, M. E.; Федоров, В. А.; Дорожкин, Е. М.
2016Updating the potential of culture in the prevention of corruptionDorozhkin, E. M.; Kislov, A. G.; Syuzeva, N. V.; Ozhegova, A. P.; Kuznetsov, A. V.; Дорожкин, Е. М.
2016Innovative approaches to increasing the student assessment procedures effectivenessDorozhkin, E. M.; Chelyshkova, M. B.; Malygin, A. A.; Toymentseva, I. A.; Anopchenko, T. Y.; Дорожкин, Е. М.