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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Research indicators of railway transport activity in time seriesChistik, O. F.; Nosov, V. V.; Tsypin, A. P.; Ivanov, O. B.; Permjakova, T. V.
2015Quality management of educational institutions in protecting students' health: Conceptual and structural-functional innovationsFedorov, V. A.; Tretyakova, N. V.; Федоров, В. А.
2016Electromechanical resources of a frequency-controlled synchronous electric drive in continuous periodic operating modesShreiner, R. T.; Medvedev, A. V.; Polyakov, V. N.
2016The concept of network organization and design of networks in logisticsEvtodieva, T. E.; Davydova, N. N.; Videneeva, S. V.; Fedorov, V. A.; Федоров, В. А.; Давыдова, Н. Н.
2016Green energy revolution perspectives in modern Russian economyKapitonov, I. A.; Shulus, A. A.; Simonova, M. V.; Sviredenko, D. A.; Shreyner, R. T.
2018Personality ecological consciousness: Values ethical vector of nature safety sustainable developmentTavstukha, O. G.; Korzhanova, A. A.; Chistyakov, A. A.; Chistyakov, K. A.; Shatskaya, I. I.; Vasilenko, A. S.; Starikova, L. D.; Maleko, E. V.
2013Magnetic resonance and antiresonance in 3D nanocomposites based on opal matricesRinkevich, A. B.; Perov, D. V.; Samoylovich, M. I.; Klescheva, S. M.; Kuznetsov, E. A.
2018On the purpose and content of postgraduate trainingAnatolievna, K. M.
2010Fractal characteristics of the species structure of ichneumon wasp communities in the middle uralsGelashvili, D. B.; Iudin, D. I.; Rozenberg, G. S.; Snegireva, M. S.; Solntsev, L. A.; Fedjunin, V. A.; Yakimov, V. N.
2011Investigation of the properties of layers of electric arc deposits of aluminium bronze on steelKarzhavi, V. V.; Plaksina, L. T.; Potekhin, B. A.